Engineering and product quality have always been the premises for the whole "OFFICINE HELLEN"'s production: creativeness, research, product development and attention to Production are constantly driven and oriented to this target. Its market positioning gives itself Industrial Production reliability, with a undiscussable orientation towards Customer Satisfaction.

OFFICINE HELLEN satisfies the customer requests on many business fields; Industry, GDO, Architecture, Housebuilding, Promotional, offering articles studied for different demands: cut "to and from" coil, sheet, shearing, die cutting, perforation, press, application of buttonholes, rivets and automatic buttons, welding on cloths smeared in PVC.

The Plastic Materials Division also supplies: LDPE (polythene or polyethylene) in every thickness and color, manufactured in coil, mono-folded, tubular, pouches (also thermo-shrinkable) of every dimension, even perforated and stamped, envelopes and pouches with small dimension pressure closing, extensible packing film for the application both manual (by hand with support) and automatic (by machine).

ISO 9001 DNV GL Certification Mark